Making sure your employees have all the information they need to be effective at work and having the opportunity to assess performance and identify development needs will help both employees and your business in becoming the best they can be

Induction processes - designing a process that effectively introduces new employees to your business will help to get them on board quickly and will help to ensure your investment in recruitment is maximised from day one

Staff handbooks - allowing access to key information to employees

Appraisal systems - designing an appraisal system that is fit for purpose and which provides a platform for effective feedback and performance review

Line manager training - including avoiding the legal pitfalls - making sure your managers can manage

Coaching and support to line managers and HR staff - by using my vast experience, I can provide a coaching and mentoring service to your staff to enable them to grow

Behavioural profiling - either on an individual basis or across an entire team, behavioural profiling can help individual or group development and can be a cost effect way of creating personal development plans